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Externship Opportunities

4th Year Externships


At Great Northwest Animal Hospital, we are committed to helping serve the future of our profession. 

Externships represent the culmination of years of hard work and training. It provides an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between academia and independent practice. 

Externship Highlights:
  • Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity work as a veterinarian under the support and guidance of one of our clinicians. At Great Northwest Animal Hospital, you will be able to experience  high quality medicine in a general practice setting.

  • We are a privately owned and operated facility which allows us to set our standards well above those of our corporate counterparts as well as operate in an autonomous fashion. We are happy to demonstrate how good medicine and good business can come together without the need to cut corners.

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Externship Details:
Appointment Day Experience:
  • Duration: Externship programs are customizable and can range from 1 to 4 weeks in length, but typically last 2 weeks. 

  • Shifts: (Monday through Friday Only)

    • Shifts will depend on your assigned doctor's schedule which can be:​

      • 8am-4pm

      • 9am-6pm

    • Appointments stop from 12pm to 2pm to allow for lunch, drop-off patients and finalizing records. ​

  • Housing is offered​

  • Attire: Scrubs, closed toed shoes, and your nametag. No hoodies or sweatshirts. 

  • Students will join clinicians in the exam room, perform physical exams, and discuss their assessments and diagnostic plans. 

  • For straight-forward cases, students are encouraged to take the lead to build confidence. 

    • Ex: During a puppy vaccine appointment, a student may find hair loss on the legs and face. We might ask them to provide the client with their diagnostic plan. Please note that we will be there as guidance. 

  • For more complex cases, we will inform clients of the issues found during the exam and let them know we will return shortly with a plan and estimate. We don't expect students to develop a plan for a complex case off the top of their head in the exam room. This system also helps new graduates develop a method to identify problems in the exam room, then be able to step out so they research further information if needed, all while maintaining a professional and smooth flowing visit for the client. ​We will then spend some time collaboratively SOAPing the case, walking through the patient's problem list, diagnostic recommendations and treatment options. 

Surgery Day Experience:
  • Our goal is for every student to be able to actively participate as the surgeon. 

  • We want to focus on the needs of each individual student, whether that be knot security, intradermal suture patterns, biopsy techniques or other items.

  • For dental procedures, we want students to practice everything from extractions to radiographs to retrieval of fracture tooth roots. 

  • At Great Northwest Animal Hospital, we do a wide variety of surgeries ranging from splenectomies, gastrotomies, resection and anastomosis, intestinal biopsies, mass removals of all types, pyometras, cystotomies, anal sacculectomies, orthopedics (performed by our mobile specialist), and more. 

If you are interested in an externship with Great Northwest Animal Hospital, we invite you to click the link below to begin the application process. 
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