Great Northwest Animal Hospital

8843 Grissom Rd.
San Antonio, TX  78251

Near the corner of Grissom and Timber Path,
across from the Bill Miller's parking lot.

Phone: (210)681-4278
Fax: (210)681-4323

Holiday Safety Tips For Pets:

1. Secure your tree well to avoid pets knocking it over
   and causing harm.
2. Keep holiday lights high on the tree and out of reach.
3. No tinsel!  This attracts cats and if eaten, could cause blockage and lead to surgery.
4. Avoid food decorations for your pet to digest.

Poisonous Holiday Plants:

1. Mistletoe
2. Holly
3. Poinsettias
4. Many forms of Lilies

Holiday Treats To Keep Out Of Reach:

1. Chocolate
2. Rich fatty foods
3. Fruits and Nuts (Grapes, Raisins, Macadamia Nuts)
4. Uncooked dough
5. Alcohol

 Holiday Pets

Great Northwest Animal Hospital Building

Reminder: We are closed the last Saturday
of every month and some holidays.  

Holiday Schedule
Wednesday 12/24 Closed @ Noon
Thursday, 12/25 & Friday, 12/26 Closed
Last Saturday, 12/27 Closed

New Years
Wednesday, 12/31 Close @ Noon

Thursday, 1/1 Closed

Last Saturday, 1/27 Closed

 S.A. Great Dane & Homeward Bound Rescues Holiday Donation Collection: 

They are an ALL-VOLUNTEER non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of all Great Danes and other animals in their rescues!  You may have seen them on Saturdays in the Alamo Ranch PetSmart parking lot.

Their Needs:

          Toys (dog and cat)
          Food (dog and cat)
          Paper towels
          Clorox wipes
          Bowls (all sizes)

Collections are located inside our hopital's lobby until December 22.  "Like" them on Facebook or visit them at  We thank you for your donation!


Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays


Great Northwest Animal Hospital
8843 Grissom Rd.
San Antonio, TX  78251 


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Hospital Hours

7am - 6pm, Mon - Fri
8am - 12 noon, Saturday
Closed the last Saturday
of the month
and some holidays.

Doctors hours are by appointment, please
call 210-681-4278 to schedule.

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