Great Northwest Animal Hospital

8843 Grissom Rd.
San Antonio, TX  78251

Near the corner of Grissom and Timber Path,
across from the Bill Miller's parking lot.

Phone: (210)681-4278
Fax: (210)681-4323

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 Halloween Safety Tips For Pet Owners:

1. Lock Candy Away- Kids love to stash candy in their rooms, but dogs have a keen sense of smell and will find cleverly hidden treasure.  Contact us right away if your pet gets into Halloween candy, especially chocolate or sugar-free which contains xylitol.

2. Glow Sticks- Glow sticks are used to keep kids safe while out in the dark. Pets find these to be a lot of fun and often puncture them. While most of the sticks are labeled as non-toxic, they have an extremely bitter taste and may cause drooling or racing around the house.

3. Have Pets Identified And Visible- There are a lot of extra people out on Halloween, and combined with strange costumes can spook pets and cause them to bolt. If you take your pets out, make sure they wear a reflective collar and are securely leashed with proper identification on their collar.



Great Northwest Animal Hospital Building

Reminder: We are closed the last Saturday
of every month and some holidays.  

Fall Schedule
October - Saturday, 10/25 Closed
November - Wednesday, 11/26 Close @ Noon
Thursday, 11/27 Closed for Thanksgiving
Saturday, 11/29 Closed


4. Keep Pets Calm- Even pets kept indoors may experience anxiety on this day. Keeping pets away from trick-or-treaters may do the trick, but if you think more may be needed, be sure to contact us in advance about options to help calm your pets. 

5. Check Pet Costumes- Costumes can be fun for the whole family. However, if you plan to dress up your best bud, ensure the costume fits well and isn't going to slip and tangle or cause a choking hazard if chewed on. Never leave a costumed pet unattended. 

Pet Costume

 Do you have an aging pet?  Watch Dr. Balzen explain how to help your pet age gracefully.

Great Northwest Animal Hospital
8843 Grissom Rd.
San Antonio, TX  78251 


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Hospital Hours

7am - 6pm, Mon - Fri
8am - 12 noon, Saturday
Closed the last Saturday
of the month
and some holidays.

Doctors hours are by appointment, please
call 210-681-4278 to schedule.

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